MBX02 – compact mmWave anechoic chamber

MBX02 Compact mmWave anechoic chamber for phase array test

4ft Compact mmWave anechoic chamber

MBX02 is a compact mmWave anechoic chamber which fits on a 6ft lab bench. The 2 instrument bays below the deck are ideal to fit your instruments for example a Spectrum Analyzer or a Vector Network Analyzer. Therefore saving space and shortening the coax length to your DUT. The 3D positioner and the Horn post are also provided with MBX02. As a result, you can get up and running quickly. Additionally, the controller software is written in Python source code, can integrate with any existing setup. 

MBX02 is a favorite solution for small phase array antenna for example at 28GHz, 5G FR2 application. It is also a great solution for 24Ghz and 60GHz Radar tests at board level. If your MBX02 becomes too small, you can purchase a kit to upgrade it to MBX03 or MBX04 later on.

Because this compact mmWave anechoic chamber is  affordable, it is easy to scale up your RF lab needs as your needs expand. For example some of our customers have multiple  MBX02 mmWave anechoic chambers such that theirs test can happen in parallel. This means, that your mmWave team can accelerate its test turn around time by adding MBX02 units without impacting your budget significantly. 

MBX02 is suited for smaller than 77cm far-field measurements mmWave phase array.


  • 24GHz radar
  • 5G (NR) mmWave. FR2 UE
  • 60GHz, 802.11ad, 802.11ay
  • 60GHz Radar
  • Other proprietary mmWave design from 18GHz to 95GHz and beyond


  • Beamforming 3D capture
  • Over-The-Air mmWave measurements
  • Phase array performance test
  • Beam coverage assessment
  • In-system antenna placement
  • Production test


  • Compact size: 4′ x 3′ x 2′ (WHD)
  • Range -180 to +180 degree in H and V planes
  • Far-field distance 77cm
  • Resolution < 0.1 degree in both planes
  • Laser guided calibration at 0.1 degree accuracy
  • Maximum DUT size 40mm x 200mm x 110mm (1.5″ x 7.9″ x 4.3″) THW
  • Maximum DUT weight 500g (1lb) balanced
  • Absorber performance -50dB at normal incidence.
  • Instrument bay size, 2 bays of 300mm x 500mm x 580mm (12″ x 20″ x 23″) HWD
  • Made in USA.
  • Customization available on request