Radar Testing

Radar has been used since their invention during WWII for a multitude of applications and are now very common in our daily life. The frequencies radars use for their operation has been raising continuously for two reasons: first because technology allows for higher frequency circuit feasibility, and second because higher frequency allows for greater bandwidth hence greater resolution. For example, parking assistance radar for automobile which has been in K band around 24GHz for many years is getting supplanted or augmented by 77GHz for anti-collision avoidance and some autonomous driving capabilities.

As such, mmWave radars and sub-THz radars are slowly but surely getting ubiquitous in our daily life and they need to be tested with the right equipment. There are two distinct and complementary aspects of accurate radar testing. The first is to look at the pure radar RF metrics, like beamforming test, antenna gain test, and other radiation pattern captures. This is essential to assess whether the critical radio capabilities of the radar system will support high performance at application level. The second type of measurement is ad hoc performance evaluation usually performed against passive, active, fixed or moving radar targets. Thanks to its modularity and set of accessories, MilliBox is providing an affordable and evolutive solution for mmWave and sub-THz radar performance testing.

Check here for our application specific configuration for mmWave RF and performance radar testing with the MBX33R system.

If your project involves mmWave or sub-THz radar testing or performance measurement, do not hesitate to contact us for a complete evaluation of your requirements. We have supplied countless standard and semi-custom radar test benches to leaders in this developing market, please contact us today to see a live demo and move your testing capabilities to the next level.