MBX0x 24” Cube Benchtop Chambers

MBX0x 24″ cube benchtop chambers are compact anechoic chambers convenient for antenna testing up to 2m of far-field. The inside cavity of 40cm/16” is sufficient for chip and board level testing of DUTs up to 20cm of width. When equipped with their 3D antenna positioners, these modular benchtop antenna test systems can be used for standard OTA tests like radiation pattern or for radar performance measurements.

MBX01 is a single cube addition that can be added to an existing setup to extend its measurement distance at a later time.

Find the Right MBX0x Model

MBX02 – 4ft Chamber
MilliBox MBX03
MBX03 – 6ft Chamber
MBX04 – 8ft Chamber