MBX32E – compact sub-THz OTA test solution

Affordable OTA antenna test solutions up to 330GHz

MilliBox, the leader in benchtop OTA setups for mmWave and sub-THz antenna testing, has increased its frequency range capability up to 330GHz by integrating Eravant’s line of frequency extenders. For OTA testing from 18GHz to 67GHz, MilliBox supports a direct coaxial cable connection from the instrument to the DUT. However, coax solutions are no longer practical beyond 67GHz, and frequency extenders which use lower frequency IF and LO signals and provide direct waveguide interfaces are preferred. MilliBox provides mounts for Eravant’s line of compact frequency extender TX and RX modules onto the 3D positioner and probe post to allow direct over-the-air characterization up to 330GHz.

This new MBX32E solution includes a full benchtop anechoic chamber, a programmable 3D positioner, and a pair of transmitter and receiver STO-series frequency extenders for the waveguide type desired from WR-15 to WR-03. This combination awaited by engineers and researchers operating in 6G and D-Band applications is available for pre-order now.