Application Specific Configurations

MilliBox offers complete solution packages tailored to specific applications. For instance, MBX32E for other-the-air (OTA) sub-THz antenna measurement and MBX33R for mmWave radar performance testing.

Sub-THz Complete OTA Solution

MBX32E is a complete OTA solution for frequency ranges starting at 50GHz up to 330GHz. For those frequencies, it becomes impractical to run coaxial cables to the DUT and to the probe. Therefore, compact frequency extenders from Eravant can be mounted on-board the DUT platform and the probe post, providing a local waveguide interface.

As a full system, MBX32E starts with a standard MBX32 chamber and a GIM04-300E positioner. Then it is completed with a frequency extension kit (EXTxx) and calibration kit (CALxx), where xx is the standard waveguide size needed.

mmWave Radar Performance Testing

MBX33R is a complete solution for mmWave and sub-THz radar performance testing. This package includes a large chamber, a 3-axis positioner, and a set of accessories specifically designed for radar performance evaluation.

Compact Antenna Test Range

MBX32CTR compact antenna test range (CATR) is the right solution when the desired far-field distance exceeds dimensions that can be achieved by standard sized systems like MBX34. Because it uses a parabolic reflector and a matching probe antenna placed at the focal point, the measurement distance between the probe and the DUT becomes virtually infinite and allows for RF measurements to be done using chambers that are much smaller than the calculated far-field distance of the DUT. This innovative solution is offered from 18GHz to 54GHz with coaxial wiring of the DUT and probe, while from 54GHz to 330GHz, it is equipped with built-in VNA frequency extenders with waveguide interfaces. MBX32CTR is a complete solution for mmWave and sub-THz OTA measurement with a quiet zone of 150mm. This package includes an MBX32 chamber, a GIM04H-300E 2-axis positioner, a laser alignment system, a 300mm parabolic reflector, and its focus probe antenna.

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