MBX34 – 10.5ft mmWave anechoic chamber

10.5ft large capacity mmWave anechoic chamber

MBX34 is MilliBox largest chamber to date. With 10.5ft in overall length, it can be placed on 2 abutting 6ft lab benches. Its huge size is preferred by radar developers who need such range for performance testing or for RF measurements. With 4 full doors, 4 instrument bays and 15 measurement positions, MBX34 provides a large canvas for many types of test requirements from mmWave to THz and can accommodate a far-field of more than 2.5m. Thanks to its large cavity MBX34 can accommodate our largest positioners like GIM04-380 and GIM05-440. MBX34 can be optionally equipped with WLL09 which propose 9 wall mounted accessory position. This configuration can be used for fixed or moving radar corner reflector targets.