MBX32 – 5.5ft mmWave anechoic chamber

5.5ft large capacity mmWave anechoic chamber

MBX32 is the shortest large cavity chamber from the 30″ series and can fit on a 6ft lab bench. Because it is made out of 30″ cubes instead of the standard 24″ cube of MBX0x series, it provides more volume on the inside, and can accommodate the largest positioners, like GIM04-380 or GIM05-440, that can hold big DUT form factors.

This model has 5 measurement positions and 2 instrument bays to place a spectrum analyzer or vector network analyzer just below the measurement deck, therefore saving space and reducing loss due to long coax wiring.

MBX32 presents all the benefits offered by the MBX0x series but because of its size it can accommodate several custom options especially related to mmWave radar target tracking. For instance a popular customization consist of installing corner reflector targets in pattern on the opposite wall. Additionally, the installation of smart linear actuators activating radar targets can make a very compelling setup. Contact us directly if you want to find-out more about our customization options.

MBX32 is suited for around 1m far-field measurements.