MBX33R – mmWave Radar Performance Test Solution

Complete solution for mmWave and sub-THz radar performance testing

MBX33R- is a complete solution for mmWave and sub-THz radar performance testing. This package includes a large chamber, a 3-axis positioner, and a set of accessories specifically designed for radar performance evaluation.

MBX33 CHAMBER- provides 10 discrete measurement probe positions. If necessary, the MBX33 chamber can be substituted with MBX32 or MBX34 for shorter or longer measurement distances. MBX33 is ideally placed on an 8-ft lab bench. Its 22” cavity size, which is the free space between absorber panels, provides enough space for multiple corner reflector radar targets.

GIM04-300x POSITIONER- is a 3-axis positioner with a 30cm DUT platform capable of holding radar modules up to 3kg. This positioner allows for independent DUT positioning along Azimuth, Elevation, and Polarization axes, at resolutions below 0.1˚. It is useful for standard radiation pattern measurements, but installed in a MBX33R it can also be programmed for radar performance evaluation.

DUT CONTROL INTEGRATION- because MilliBox software controller is provided in Python, in source, it is convenient to integrate a DUT controller within MilliBox software framework. This way, rather than connecting the MilliBox software to a traditional instrument like a VNA or spectrum analyzer, the radar DUT itself can be declared as an instrument and provides useful data directly as the sweep proceeds within the framework. As a result, for example, FFT, time-of-flight or doppler data could be plotted and rendered in 3D for easy visualization.

ACCESSORIZED TARGET WALL WLL09- MBX33R comes with a wall of up to 9 accessories. Each accessory port is made of a 3” hole with mmWave absorber plugs and 4x pre-installed ISO M8 bolts. These 9 positions can be used in many ways, but for MBX33R, they are used to install fixed and moving radar targets. A similar design comprising 5 accessory ports called WLL05 is available for the smaller MBX0x series of chambers.

LIN04 LINEAR ACTUATOR- is a user programmable radar reflector mount which can be mounted on the target wall. It can hold trihedral corner reflectors of sizes up to 2.4”. The oscillation course can be programmed from 0.1mm to 25mm, and the rate is adjustable from 0.2Hz to 2Hz. The size of the reflector, the rate and course of the oscillation are configured to emulate the reflection of life-size targets like human heartbeat, walking pace, pets and many more. Up to 9x LIN04 can be daisy chained to be controlled by a single USB connector. The software controller is coded in Python and provided in source.

REF02 FIXED CORNER MOUNT- REF02- is a simple trihedral corner mount which can be equipped on the accessory wall. It supports corner reflectors up to 2.4”. In addition, many custom mounts can be designed for your project.