GIM1D – 1 dimension mmWave antenna positioner

GIM1D, 1 dimension mmWave antenna positioner

1 dimension mmWave antenna positioner

GIM1D is a single-axis mmWave antenna positioner compatible with all MilliBox mmWave chambers and controllers. It is ideal for the times when the device-under-test (DUT) is much wider than a mmWave 3D antenna positioner can accommodate and when an azimuth sweep is sufficient. The DUT is mounted on the laser-guided rotating platform. The positioner is controlled over a simple USB connection with the same controller software as the other MilliBox positioners. Therefore, GIM1D can be an alternate positioner to GIM01 or GIM03 when the DUT cannot accommodate those platform. As with the other positioners, the outcome of the sweep is a comma separated value (.csv) heat-map file listing all captured positions and captured data.

Applications: mmWave phase array antenna

  • 24GHz radar
  • 5G (NR) mmWave
  • 60GHz, 802.11ad, 802.11ay
  • 77GHz automotive radar
  • 81GHz radar
  • Other proprietary mmWave design from 18GHz to 95GHz

Usage: Azimuth sweep radiation pattern

  • Beamforming azimuth capture
  • Over-the-air mmWave measurements
  • Antenna array performance test
  • Beam coverage assessment
  • In-system antenna placement
  • Production test


  • Base 200mm x 200mm, DUT height 320mm
  • Range -180 to +180 degree in H plane
  • Resolution < 0.1 degree in H plane
  • Laser-guided calibration at 0.1 degree accuracy
  • Maximum DUT weight 5kg (10lb) balanced
  • Made in USA with domestic and imported parts
  • USB controller included
  • Software controller in Python provided
  • Customization available on request