GIM03 – large capacity mmWave 3D antenna positioner

GIM03: large capacity mmWave 3D antenna positioner

Large Capacity mmWave 3D antenna positioner

GIM03 is a larger mmWave 3D antenna positioner for mmWave phase array antenna than GIM01. It can carry DUT as wide as 27cm and 3kg in weight. This is typically desired for larger phase array antennas or system level tests. The laser guide on the Device-Under-Test (DUT) platform facilitates the alignment with the provided horn post. You can connect the DUT power, control or RF wiring by feeding them though the rotation bearings, therefore preventing cable tangling.

GIM03 comes with a USB interface and a power supply and this is all you need to control the motion of the mmWave 3D antenna positioner. The software controller can be used on Windows, Linux and MacOS and comes with all the necessary functions to start plotting radiation pattern quickly.

GIM03 mmWave 3D antenna positioner is powered by three smart actuators. This means that, with 12 bits absolute position encoders integrated, the step resolution is below 0.1 degree and can rotate 360 degree in both azimuth and elevation plane simultaneously.  Therefore, this provide a full sphere of maximum 6,480,000 acquisitions points for a single plot. In addition, since the motion is based on absolute position with a feedback loop, there is no incremental drift or position error accumulation along the plot. The easy steps to get started with MilliBox mmWave antenna 3D positioner.

The easy steps to get started with MilliBox mmWave antenna 3D positioner.

GIM03 – Flexible Software controller

Because the software controller is provided in well documented source code, there is no limits to the type and number of instruments you can attach and control, for instance any Vector Network Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer with VISA automation support. Additionally, you can also integrate other instruments like power supply, thermometer and even control your DUT in real time while you plot. MilliBox 3D Plot Software The ability to control the mmWave 3D positioner and your mmWave Phase array DUT within the same framework is key. For example, this can help you record phase vectors as you plot your radiation pattern. In the case of mmWave radar, it will let you record key metrics like time of flight, from your DUT as you proceed along the 3D plot. Not only the plot is displayed in real time as the acquisition progresses but most importantly, all the data are collected in time stamped .CSV file containing position information and the metrics your recorded at each step. In the end, the data set can be processed with any post processing software you want, for visualization or analysis. Additionally, the same software supports all GIMxx mmWave 3D antenna positioners. In conclusion, the flexibility and limitless expansion of the software framework provided with GIM03 is unparalleled in the market.

Applications: System level 3D Phase array measurement

  • 24GHz radar
  • 5G (NR) mmWave
  • 60GHz, 802.11ad, 802.11ay
  • 77GHz automotive radar
  • 81GHz radar
  • Other proprietary mmWave design from 18GHz to 95GHz

Usage: 3D radiation pattern and OTA capture

  • System-level beamforming 3D capture
  • Over-the-air mmWave measurements
  • Antenna array performance test
  • Beam coverage assessment
  • In-system antenna placement
  • Production test


  • Base 200mm x 200mm, DUT height 320mm
  • Range -180 to +180 degree in H and V planes
  • Resolution < 0.1 degree in both planes
  • Laser-guided calibration at 0.1 degree accuracy
  • Maximum DUT size 100mm x 300mm x 280mm (3.9″ x 11.8″ x 11.0″) THW
  • Maximum DUT weight 3kg (6lb) balanced
  • Made in USA
  • USB controller included
  • Software controller in Python provided
  • Customization available on request