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At MilliBox, our goal is to provide our customers with reliable and expertly crafted technology that will benefit their endeavors. If your project uses or develops millimeter wave antennas, we have the antenna positioner solutions that you need to succeed.

We offer affordable prices on all of our products, and we stand by our work. When you contact us to purchase your antenna positioner, we can discuss the needs of your business to ensure you find the perfect positioner for your needs.

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How Can an Antenna Positioner Help?

An antenna positioner is a key component to Over the Air antenna testing. Our antenna positioners are used to be able to measure the antenna radiation in all directions with the help of a matching height horn post that is used for data acquisition. The positioner can move the antenna in all directions and at every step measures what is called the radiation pattern of the antenna. The antenna testing is critical to confirm your antenna propagates energy in the desired direction for power efficiency reasons.

 An antenna positioner can help determine the performance of your antenna or radar systems at different positions with ease, such as over-the-air measurements, 3D beamforming, and beam convergence assessments.

Our antenna positioners can help streamline many aspects of your data collection processes and everyday services. When you contact MilliBox to purchase your antenna positioner, we can happily go over the variety of uses that your positioner will have and explain how to properly install and use your new device.

At MilliBox, we want to help businesses throughout the globe succeed with the help of our reliable technology. Our antenna positioners are built to last, and if you do experience any issues, our team is always just a phone call away.

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If you own a technology or science business testing mmWave or THz antenna, MilliBox has the equipment that you need to succeed.

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