GIM05 – Spherical Roll mmWave Antenna Positioner


Spherical Roll and polarization Controller

GIM05 brings a revolutionary solution for antenna over-the-air (OTA) mmWave and THz measurement with a spherical roll design offering the widest possible unobstructed field of view. Traditional Azimuth-Elevation positioners have arm structures on the sides of the device under test (DUT) which blocks the measurement path at some high angles. Instead GIM05 holds the DUT from the back which completely clears the sides from obstruction and stray reflections coming from the positioner body.  

Spherical Roll vs. Azimuth/Elevation

GIM05 approach to over-the-air (OTA) measurement is different from traditional H/V or Azimuth/Elevation sweep method.

Spherical Roll Coordinate Positions
Azimuth/Elevation or H/V Coordinate positions


The easiest way to look at it is that GIM05 is looking at the world from the north pole whereas other positioners like GIM04, GIM03 and GIM01 are looking at the world from the meridian and equator. Those are different ways to cover the same thing, but even though the sweeps follow different paths, they capture the same points, and can measure the most accurate radiation patterns. For Spherical Roll Positioner to record accurate over-the-air measurements, the probe is rotating to match the device under test polarization.

Robust and Accurate

All gears in GIM05 are made of precision machined Delrin material for higher strength, precision and long life span. All motors are smart actuators with built-in absolute encoder and flash memory to record your bore-sight calibrated position.

Modular Positioner Dimension

GIM05 has 2 standard sizes, one to fit in MBX0x series chambers and one to fit MBX3x chamber sizes. the first one can accommodate 340mm wide DUT the other 440mm DUTs. Other configuration are possible, don’t hesitate to ask.

Cable routing

To bring power, control, IF or RF to the DUT efficiently, GIM05 provides pass-thru channels at the center of each rotation axis and numerous anchor points along the path. This way, no lossy connectors or slip rings are needed from source to DUT.

Open framework

As with all our other positioners, GIM05 is controlled by a Python based software provided in source which allows easy integration with any instrument or DUT with several built-in capture modes in multiple dimensions.

Standard GIM05 versions


  • MAX DUT width: 340mm (13″)
  • Max DUT weight: 5kg
  • DUT depth positions: 113mm (4.5″)
  • Mesurement height: 327mm (12.8″)
  • Polarization Controller: Yes
  • Fits in MBX0x chambers: Yes
  • Fits in MBX3x chambers: Yes
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year all parts



  • MAX DUT width: 440mm (17″)
  • Max DUT weight: 5kg
  • DUT depth positions: 175mm (7″)
  • Mesurement height: 386mm (15″)
  • Polarization Controller: Yes
  • Fits in MBX0x chambers: No
  • Fits in MBX3x chambers: Yes
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year all parts