Milliwave Silicon Solutions Inc. announced representation from QuantumFlow for Southern California and Arizona

Milliwave Silicon Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that it entered a representation agreement with QuantumFlow for Southern California and Arizona for its MilliBox product line. MilliBox is the first affordable, compact and modular OTA radiation pattern test tool designed by and for mmWave engineers. Jeanmarc Laurent the inventor of MilliBox said: “Rafael, Sergio and the QuantumFlow team have a dedication for customer service and a presence in the fast expanding SoCal mmWave market that really fits the MilliBox vision. We have seen a strong demand for MilliBox in this region and QuantumFlow will help us develop this market further”. On his side Rafael Ferrera stated: “More and more RF designers are transitioning from Microwave to mmWave in our region and MilliBox is the right product at the right price to sustain this momentum. MilliBox is a great compliment to our linecard and existing product offering.” For more information contact Milliwave at [email protected] or go to For more information about QuantumFlow contact [email protected] or go to

Friday 13th 2018 San Jose CA