MilliBox Shows mmWave Radar Sensor Testing Solution at IMS2024 in Washington DC

A MBX33R mmWave radar test setup from MilliBox

SAN JOSE, CA JUNE 6, 2024 — MilliBox the leader in compact benchtop mmWave anechoic chambers and antenna positioners propose a compact setup ideally designed for advanced mmWave and sub-THz radar sensor characterization and performance measurements.

A significant portion of MilliBox systems usage revolves around the need for efficient and practical radar testing. One of the typical approaches is to benchmark the object detection and tracking of a radar design against fixed and moving targets. Often, radar targets are trihedral corner reflectors arranged in geometric positions that the radar sensor and its signal processing algorithm can be trained against for accuracy. One purpose of a setup like the one proposed by MilliBox is to verify the radar system angular capability, for example quantifying the angle-of-arrival accuracy and detecting blind spots.

MilliBox solution includes a large cavity compact chamber like MBX32, which gives ample room for radar measurement yet fits on a standard lab bench; GIM04-300X, a 3-axis device under test positioner; and LIN04, a programmable linear actuator holding a corner reflector.

In this demonstration, the 60GHz radar sensor is following a 3D path while a fixed target and an oscillating target are tracked in real time by the sensor. The software displays how well the radar performs at detecting and locating the targets while in motion.

“As the applications for mmWave Radar have been rapidly expanding in recent years, radar characterization and performance testing demand practical and affordable solutions that MilliBox can support,” says Dr Chinh H Doan, founder and CEO of MilliBox.

About MilliBox

MilliBox is a product line of mmWave and THz antenna testing systems based in San Jose, California, launched by mmWave IC pioneers Chinh Doan and Jeanmarc Laurent in 2018. With over 300 setups installed worldwide, MilliBox established itself as the leader in affordable and modular benchtop over-the-air mmWave antenna test solutions. MilliBox products are carefully designed and responsibly manufactured in the USA. OTA your way!

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