Come See a MilliBox Demo at the IMS2020 Virtual Event

Visit us at IMS2020 Virtual and see MilliBox latest products in live demonstration:
3 easy steps:

+ Register for FREE as an IMS2020 Exhibit Attendee here:

+ Use the password received as part of the registration process to log into the virtual conference:

+ Once logged in, you can find the MilliBox booth here:

From there, you can enter our Virtual Tradeshow Booth and then Join the Live Meeting.

If you have any questions, please let us know at [email protected]
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MilliBox Small Business Discount in July 2020

got mmWave?
In the current context, we want to help our fellow small businesses in mmWave industry. We decided to apply a discount 5% and up for all small businesses, minority owned businesses or academics on all our product line for new orders starting July 2020.

The price model of most mmWave test equipment manufacturers in the industry is making it so much harder for little guys to get a fair chance at the innovation spree surrounding 5GNR and mmWave radar, forcing them to settle for subpar DIY resource draining catastrophes. That’s always been our battle, but now we want to do even more and support small emerging mmWave innovators just like us.

OTA test of mmWave antenna should not cost more than a microwave setup, we demonstrated, it should cost less!

Your antenna array test budget now goes farther than you thought, contact [email protected] today.
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