MilliBox™ Unveils GIM05, its 5th Generation mmWave and THz Antenna Positioner with Revolutionary 3 Axis Spherical Roll and Polarization Controller Solution

DENVER CO JUNE 21, 2022 — MilliBox is unveiling and demonstrating live for the first time GIM05, its new generation of mmWave and THz phased array antenna positioner. GIM05 brings a revolutionary solution for antenna over-the-air (OTA) measurement with a spherical roll design offering the widest possible unobstructed field of view. Traditional Azimuth-Elevation positioners have arm structures on the sides of the device under test (DUT) which blocks the measurement path at some high angles.

Instead GIM05 holds the DUT from the back which completely clears the sides from obstruction and stray reflections coming from the positioner body. GIM05 antenna positioner has 3 axis of rotations Theta, Phi, and relative polarization control on the probe side. All motorized axes have angular resolution below 0.1⁰. The software controller is written in Python® for maximum portability and is provided in source code for ease of integration and expendability. The software controller is compatible with all other antenna positioners from MilliBox and supports all instruments capable of SCPI automation.

GIM05 is modular in size and offers a wide range of DUT mount capabilities for DUT up to 15” (38cm) and 10lbs (5kg). GIM05 system fits in all MilliBox anechoic chambers.

Visit MilliBox Booth 7101 at IMS2022 in Denver, CO. to see GIM05 live demonstration.

GIM05 3-Axis Spherical Roll and Polarization Positioner

About MilliBox
MilliBox with its product line of mmWave and THz phased array antenna testing systems was created by mmWave IC pioneers Chinh Doan and Jeanmarc Laurent in 2018 and is based in San Jose, California. With over 200 setups installed worldwide, MilliBox established itself as the leader in modular, flexible and affordable benchtop over-the-air mmWave antenna test solutions. MilliBox products are carefully designed and responsibly manufactured in the USA.

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