pSemi/Murata showcases its customized MilliBox and latest design capabilities at IMS2022

DENVER CO JUNE 21, 2022 — pSemi, a Murata Company and leader in mmWave ICs and systems, demonstrates its new Antenna-integrated Module (AiM0 using a custom-modified MilliBox MBX02 with MilliBox GIM03 positioner.

The pSemi 5G mmWave AiM demo at IMS2022 will highlight:
• Live beamforming, beam steering, and 3D radiation-pattern measurement
• RF patchantenna alignment demonstration
• EVM performance with regard to EIRP
• Accurate calibration of the chamber air gap for EIRP measurements

David Watling, Field Applications Engineer at pSemi/Murata, states: “I have been using the MilliBox chamber and gimbal for two years. This is a very cost-effective solution, and the results have impressed all my customers and colleagues. I have used it to demonstrate both beam patterns and to resolve debugging issues. I have sometimes needed to plot all 16 patch antennas separately, which requires many hours of reliable operation, so when I was tasked with demonstrating our 5G mmWave Antenna-Integrated Module at IMS022, I knew I needed to take my MilliBox with me.”

“We are happy to see that David brought his MilliBox to the IMS2022 show floor It is an MBX02 that David customized himself, so it stands vertically in order to make it fit in his lab space. He also heavily modified its software to meet his testing requirements,” says MilliBox creator Jeanmarc Laurent adding, “This really demonstrates everything we wanted MilliBox to be: a solid modular foundation that users can use as-is or can tailor to their specific needs for years of successful testing.”

MilliBox use case live demonstrations can be seen throughout the IMS2022 Exhibition in Copper Mountain Technologies Booth 10036, NI booth 5020 and pSemi Booth 7078.

To see MilliBox’s latest products and meet with the MilliBox team, visit Booth 7101.

An MBX02_G3 in pSemi’s lab
8×8 array 3D radiation pattern

About pSemi
pSemi Corporation is a Murata company driving semiconductor integration. pSemi builds on Peregrine Semiconductor’s 30-year legacy of technology advancements and strong IP portfolio but with a new mission: to enhance Murata’s world-class capabilities with high-performance RF, analog and mixed-signal solutions. With a strong foundation in RF integration, pSemi’s product portfolio now spans power management, connected sensors, antenna tuning and RF frontends. These intelligent and efficient semiconductors enable advanced modules for smartphones, base stations, personal computers, electric vehicles, data centers, IoT devices and healthcare. From headquarters in San Diego and offices round the world, pSemi’s team explores new ways to make electronics for the connected world smaller, thinner, faster and better. To view pSemi’s semiconductor advancements or to join the pSemi team, visit

About MilliBox
MilliBox is a product line of mmWave and THz phased array antenna testing systems based in San Jose, California, launched by mmWave IC pioneers Chinh Doan and Jeanmarc Laurent in 2018. With over 200 setups installed worldwide, MilliBox established itself as the leader in benchtop Over-The-Air mmWave antenna test solutions. MilliBox products are all carefully designed and responsibly manufactured in the USA.

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